Single Seat Safari System

Location: Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

Single Seat Safari System



Since year 2015, we hearing about Single-seat permit and Full-vehicle permit type. They are the best safari options for prominent tiger reserves of Madhya Pradesh. They are two different ways for safari ticket booking in online mode. This kind of options are available for Madhya Pradesh national parks like Bandhavgarh, Kanha tiger reserve, Satpura tiger reserve, Panna tiger reserve etc. Before proceeding for safari tickets booking, tourists should must understand both the ways of safari tickets booking as they have advantages and dis-advantages associated with them.  According to their conditions and convenience, tourists should choose the best suitable option and accordingly proceed fur tickets booking. Here we have tried explain Single seat safari system, what is the benefit of this system and what are the problems associated with such safari tickets.

Single Seat Safari

As the name suggests, it allows us to book per seat of a safari vehicle. According to tourism activity and number of vehicle quota, Forest Department has put 1 or 2 or 3 safari vehicles, at each entrance gate, under Single seat permit system in which they offers per seat ticket for purchasing. Majority of tickets are still sold under full-vehicle system. Single seat system is a different way of selling safari tickets which allows better utilization of safari vehicle seat space and ensure more visitors to be accommodated in each safari vehicle, under this quota. It is very good for those visitors whose travel budget is low and they are willingly to enjoy the jungle safari experience. In each safari vehicle, maximum 06 tourists can be accommodated so 06 safari tickets are offered for each safari vehicle. In addition to tourists, one driver and one safari guide will be 7th and 8th person, on that vehicle. They will be found in each safari vehicle, on mandatory basis. In single-seat system, we purchase safari ticket only, at the time of booking. This ensures our entry for jungle safari drive. Apart from safari ticket fee, tourist will have to pay separately for guide fee+safari vehicle fee share. This fee is not charged at the time of ticket booking thus tourists are required to carry sufficient cash and pay the share, directly to Forest Department official, at the ticket counter, as per the share amount, instructed by official. Share of guide fee & safari vehicle fee is not charged in advance becuase it is estimated as per actual number of co-visitors on your vehicle, thus is is decided at the time of entrance only and not in advance. Tourists are advised to carry sufficient cash (INR.) to pay-off this fee. 

Pros of Single Seat Safari

 Let us check some of the benefits associated with this type of safari ticket booking:

Cost Benefit: As it is single seat system in which each seat is sold separately and offers sharing safari option so it is more cost beneficial for tourists. It allows us to share the cost of safari vehicle & safari guide with co-visitors. Usually wildlife tours are considered a costly deal thus low budget visitors often find it difficult to match the tour cost and thus not able to undertake safari holidays. Single seat safari system is a nice possible solution for such visitors.

Easy Cancellation: Here seats are sold on per person basis thus its cancellation can also be done on per seat basis which ensures lowest possible cancellation charge. Although nobody would like to do safari ticket booking for cancellation but sometimes, circumstances compell us to do ticket cancellation. In such case, full-vehicle tickets costs high cancellation charges thus single seat tickets are better if their is any chance of cancellation. Low cancellation charges will enable us to take decision more conveniently.

Safari cancellation due to Rain: We have no control over climatic conditions. Although we can take weather predictions but still remain uncertain about weather condition, at the time of actual safari. Forest department retains the right to cancel the safari drive, if they found that due to rain, safari drives are not possible. Under such situation, tourists are not provided any refund thus it causes them loss for something in which they have no control or fault. In such situations, single seat tickets are better than ful vehicle tickets as it reduced the risk and loss on cancellation.

Less Black-marketting: Here in Bandhavgarh, their is acute problem of getting safari tickets on season time like October-Nov-December, March-April months. Black markettiers usually targets full-vehicle safari thus we have better chance to get sharing safari tickets.

Cons of Single Seat Safari

No pick & drop from hotel: As per rule, customers of Single safari safaris have to report 30 minutes before park opening time, at ticket booking counter. Single seat safari vehicle do not come to hotel for pick-up and similarly do not drop the guest to their resort. These vehicles remain waiting near ticket counter and at the end of safari, drop all the visitors to same ticket counter. Guest is required to reach ticket counter by own vehicle and similarly at the end of safari, need to travel from counter to hotel by own arrangement. In such cases, guest is required to ensure his/her own arrangement for traveling between ticket counter & hotel.

Un-decided Fee: Single seat system is not suitable for those visitors who do not want to carry cash or induldge in speculation on safari vehicle +guide fee share. Their are many visitors to want to make all the payments in advance and wish to just enjoy the service. Because of the payment collection, for safari vehicle fee & guide fee at the time of entry for safari, some visitors feel inconvenience due to carrying cash INR., in small currency notes format to pay-off their share.

Long Waiting: In single seat system, visitors are instructed to report at ticket counter, 30 minutes before park opening time. Here many visitors reach in time but sometimes other co-visitor get late due to which other co-visitors have to un-necessarily keep on waiting for other. This could lead to dis-satisfaction and inconvenience to already present visitors. Usually tourists do not want to get delayed because of the fault of other and it is justified also. 

Non-privacy: Being a shared safari option, Single seat system lack is offering you privacy. Sometime newly wed couples, want some sort of privacy but here we have to share the vehicle with unknown persons which could be inconvenient for such visitors. Similarly, their are wildlife photographers, visiting with camera kits, long lens etc. and need considerable space to carry them thus in such case, if vehicle is fully occupied, they may face inconvenience in photography to do full-pack vehicle and also their could be clash in between co-visitors for stopping/waiting or moving the vehicle for sake of photography. This is the reason that wildlife photographers prefers non-sharing safari modes.

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