Night Safari in Bandhavgarh

Location: Bandhavgarh

Night Safari in Bandhavgarh



Here in Bandhavgarh national park, night safari is not much popular among visitors. It is usually of 2-3 hours long in which resort jeep take you to buffer zone forest areas of tiger reserve. In this safari, guides were provided and 02 safari vehicles were allowed for each buffer safari zone. It was a good solution for those visitors who reached Bandhavgarh without advance booking of day safari tickets. Night safaris are provided to walk-in tourists only and their was no provision of its online advance booking. But due to poor response from visitors and some other difficulties, now we don't hear about it. Now a days, some popular resorts offers Night safari in Bandhavgarh to visit near by trails, including some buffer area. As per rule, Night safari is not allowed in core zone areas of Bandhavgarh tiger reserve thus tourists can visit only in some of the buffer area. It is good to understand the night life of forest. Due to limited light of vehicle or tourch, possibility of mammals and reptiles sighting is very limited. If you are interested and your hotel is offering night safari then you can try your luck. Here it is important to understand that although we can see very limited area but still chances are good to see nocturnal animals as they become more active after sunset and their movement also increases in night hours. Their is very least human disturbance thus animal movement increases and we can hear various jungle calls more clearly and try to follow those calls.  After sunset we have the chance to enjoy sighting Jungle Cat, Wolf, Wild Boar, Tiger, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Blue Bull, Honey Badger, Porcupine, Stripped Hyena etc. Similarly, while driving through jungle area, we have the chance to see nocturnal birds of Bandhavgarh also like Nightjar, Barn Owl, Red Wattled Lapwings,  Night Heron etc.

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