Full Jeep Safari in Bandhavgarh

Location: Bandhavgarh National Park

Full Jeep Safari in Bandhavgarh



In simple language "Full Safari" or "Full Vehicle Safari" means non-sharing safaris. In traditional way, safaris were on "Full-safari" mode in which guest will not share safari vehicle & ticket with other tourists. Apart from one tourist party, they will have a safari guide and vehicle driver with them. Both person are mandatory so we can not go for safari drive without guide and driver. It is the best mode of jungle safari drive that everyone wishes to enjoy their jungle safari trips. Another option is Single-seat safari in which Forest Departments offers per seat of vehicle, to tourists for booking. With the passage of time, Wildlife Tourism of India gained huge popularity and thus large number of wildlife lovers are coming to these forests to enjoy jungle safari drives. Due to rules of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) only limited safari vehicles can enter inside the limited jungle area of any tiger reserve thus demand of tickets is always more than available safari tickets. In order to allow more toursts occupancy in these safari vehicles, Forest Department has introduced Single Seat option on very limited safari jeeps so that more tourists can visit the jungle.

Full Vehicle Safari

As already mentioned that Full Vehicle Safari means you will not share your safari vehicle with any other visitors. Majority of safari tickets in Bandhavgarh are offered in Full Vehicle safari mode as it is more popular among tourists becuase of many benefits associated with us. Safari booking for both the modes i.e. Full-vehicle and Single seat safaris, is almost same. Same type of visitor details will be required at the time of filling up of form. Although it is costly but still it is very much popular among visitors. Still it obvious question comes in our mind that how Full vehicle safari is better than Single seat safari or which one to choose at the time of safari ticket booking? So here we are sharing the pros and cons of Full vehicle safair so that according to your requirement, budget, convenience etc, you may choose the best suitable mode for yourself.

Pros of Full Vehicle Safari

Full vehicle safari mode is popular among tourists and majority of tickets are offered under this mode. Let us understand the benefits of this mode:

Privacy : It is the most important factor while deciding the safari mode. Majority of visitors coming for jungle safari drives are unaware of each other. They comes to thier holiday vacation from different locations and for short duration thus it is obvious that they would like to enjoy their wildlife holidays in an reserve way or they don't feel need to share their privacy with others and spend their tour in their own way. In such way, Full vehicle safari mode is considered as the best suitable safari mode where you will be accompanied by vehicle driver and safari guide only. Usually safari guide and driver are mandatory for all safari vehicles. Here they will move or stop the vehicle as per your convenience and requirement.

Pick-up & Drop from Hotel :Unlike Single seat safaris, here we get the facility of pick-up from hotel for safari drive and later, after completion of safari, guest will be dropped back to their respective resort. Almost all the visitors are new to Bandhavgarh national park thus is natural that they would like to have somebody to pick-up from their hotel, help in paper formalities required to be done at entrance gate and drop back to their hotel. Availability of such a facility is a great relief for them and thus can better enjoy a tension free safari tour. This facility is un-available in Single seat safari thus Full vehicle is more preferred mode of jungle safari drive.

Fixed Fee: Safari charges of Full-vehicle safari is pre-fixed as here we book complete safari vehicle for ourself thus all the charges are known in advance and thus estimation is very easy. Safari cost includes Safari ticket fee, Safari guide fee and Safari vehicle fee. Due to pre-fixed charges, it is easy to calculate accurate package costing thus customer will get accurate costing figures. Unlike Single seat safari, here we are not required to carry any cash to pay off safari guide & vehicle fee. Usually all these charges are pre-paid to travel agent or hotel. In case you have booked safari tickets by own and not taking any service of travel agent or hotel then only you need to carry cash to pay vehicle charge and guide fee at ticket counter, located near Tala gate. Then also you can complete these formalities in short span of time. 

Negligible Waiting: In case of Single Seat safaris, guest is required to report 30 minutes before park opening time to mark his attendence for safari drive and sometime they have to wait for other partners to come and join them. This causes wastage of valuable time and causes inconvenience to tourists. In case of Full-vehicle safari, we need not to face this situation as we have not required wait for other co-visitors and thus enter into park by showing ID documents and paying guide fee. This saves valuable time and avoids un-necessary harassment.

Photographers Friendly: Full-vehicle safari is best for wildlife photographers. Large number of wildlife photographers come to Bandhavgarh, every year, for tiger photography and undertakes large number of safari drives to get best shots. As we know that in Single seat safari, we will get one seat per person basis thus their could be total 06 tourists in one vehicle which could be inconvenient if you are carrying camera kits, lens etc. and due to presence of other visitors, it could be difficult to drive and stop the vehicle at any point, for photography purpose thus mostly photographers prefers to go with Full-vehicle safari drives for sake of convenience in their prime purpose i.e. wildlife photography.

With Kids: Here it is important to know that when we are with kids below 05 years, during safari drive, their will be no provision of separate seat for kid, under Single seat safari as park authority doesn't charge fee for kids below 05 years and thus will not provide separate seat. Under such condition, Full vehicle safari proves better option as here all seats are for booked for your.

Cons of Full-vehicle safari

Their are certain dis-advantages associated with full-vehicle safari permit booking. It is important to know those major problems so that we may take best suitable decision. Let us read more about them.

Costly: It is costly in compare to Single seat safari as here we blocks all 06 seats of a safari vehicle thus we pay for all 06 seats and thus proves costly we our count is 1 to 5. Here we have to bear complete cost of guide fee and safari vehicle fee.

High Cancellation Charge: In Full-vehicle safari we booked all 06 seats of a safair vehicle where as in Single seat safari system, we blocks seats as per number of tourists thus it is natural that if we go for safari ticket cancellation, we have to bear more cancellation charges in Full-vehicle safari, in compare to Single-seat safari. This cost may increase further if we have booked safari drives through hotel or travel agent as in such case cancellation charges will be as per their cancelllation policy and will be obviously more. Thus here safari cancellation is a costly deal.

Cancellation due to Rain: Many times, in case of heavy rainfall, forest department declares cancelation of all safari drives  Such cancellations can't be predicted in advance and often comes as a surprise. In such safari cancellations, park authority will not do any refund to tourists and that payments are often proves a wastage of money, for tourists. In case of booking in Full-vehicle safari mode, such cancellations proves more painfull and loss amount is more. In such case, Single seat safari proves beneficial as loss amount is very less, just the fee of entry-permit only.

Black-marketting: In recent years, problem of entrance tickets black-marketting has caused servere inconvenience to actual tourists who would like to visit Bandhavgarh and due to non-availability of core zone tickets, they have to change their plans. Rules are such that it is easy to do black-marketing of Full-vehicle safari permits thus they are targetted more. This can be understood form the figures in which we will find that more than 50% of booked safari tickets goen into the hand of mal-practioners in which luxury hoteliers are more involved. Acutal number of safari vehicle enters into park is much less than booked tickets which proves that un-attended safari tickets were in hand of black-marketiers who doesn't found customer for those booked tickets thus doesn't attend the safari drives. 



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