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Wildlife Tourism in Bandhavgarh

In our Upanishad we will find the sanskrit phrase "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" which simply means The World is one family. Here in India, nature is called mother and nature tourism is seen as going into the lap of mother. It is not just visiting jungle as guest visitor but something beyond that. We all are children of same mother nature. Flora & fauna of forest is nothing but part of same family. This was taught us in our schools and now we are realizing & practicing this approach towards our nature tourism trips. “Indus Excursion” was established in year 2008 and have specialization in nature tourism which includes wildlife safari holidays, tiger photography trips, birding in India. We are dedicated towards creating tailor-made safari experiences for wildlife lovers, in India or coming to India. When we say wildlife lovers, it means, travelers of any budget category. For every guest, we have specific plans, matching to their requirements. Our task begins from assessing the guest interest, taste, expectation, budget and then design tour plan, matching to their requirement. We keep on refining the plan till guest feels that now it is exactly as per their requirement. Our ground network of representatives, at each destination, their updates & expertise helps us to craft seamless trip plan for our guests. We use those safari lodges & resorts which have proven record and matches as per taste of guest. Form beginning till end of tour, we maintain connection with our guest and gets daily safari feedback from our local representative to monitor the progress of tour. It is our guarantee that we will all the commitments, provided in written. Something more can be added by nothing will be deducted.




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