Gypsy Safari

Location: Bandhavgarh

Gypsy Safari



Majority of tourists are visiting wildlife destinations for one main purpose i.e. to enjoy jungle safari drive by using available options. It is the important objective of wildlife tours. Similarly, here in Bandhavgarh, majority of tourists are visiting for nature tourism objective in which jungle safari is the primary way to accomplish the aim to enjoy wildlife tourism. Very few tourists visit for conference or party purpose so jungle safari is most important part of Bandhavgarh visit. Here in Bandhavgarh, we can do the jungle safari by open jeeps or on open bus called Canter. Although on record, Elephant safari is also offered but in reality, it is very difficult to get this safari as cost is very very high, unjustified, booking procedure in not transparent and their is no surity to get the booking. Thus Jeep safari is the most preferred medium for jungle safari drives. Here we are required to do the advance safari ticket booking and safari vehicle management is in hand of private gypsy union which regulates their rate and offers jeep booking. In one safari jeep, maximum 06 adult tourists are allowed in addition to one safari guide and one jeep driver. Jeep safari is regulated on pre-defined safari routes of booked safari zone. In one safari, we can visit only one safari zone.

Safari Vehicle

As already mentioned, in one safari jeep, only 06 tourists + 01 guide + 01 driver can seat. If you have any child below 05 years, then that child can be additional person. Safari jeeps are booked from union office. They maintain their counter, parallel to safari ticket booking counter, near Tala village. Their you need to show your safari ticket and pay the fee in cash only to get the safari vehicle number. Actually all the safari vehicles have to submit their papers to Forest Department to get registered and obtain the authorization from park authority for jungle safari drives. Only registered safari jeeps can participate in jungle safari drives. All the safari jeeps are required to fullfil the laid criteria to get the authorization letter. Along with authorization, each safari vehicle was allocated a numeric serial number which is the identity of that safari vehicle. Majority of safari vehicles are of local villagers and resort owners. They follow a roaster system for safari drives so that each jeep owner will get equal chance of safari drives.

Seating Arrangement

For jungle safari drives, majority of safari vehicles are of Maruti Gypsy model which is a petrol vehicle with 4-wheel drive system. Due to hilly terrains and rough safari trails, this vehicle is considered as most successful vehicle for jungle safari drives. At Bandhavgarh, you will find open jeeps for safari drives, even in summers. Open gypsy allows better visibility which is good for birding. In these vehicles, horns are not allowed so they are dis-connected. Basically it is allowed for 08 person in which 01 is guide, 01 is driver and remaining 06 are tourists. Their are 03 rows of seat in which Front Right seat is for driver, Front Left seat is for Safari Guide. Second row and thrid row is for 06 tourists which means 03 tourists per row. In normal conditions, it is comfortable for normal visitors but if you are a professional photographers or your body build-up is heavy than 2 to 4 tourists are ideal per jeep.

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